Oak Cliff neighborhood Churches spray-painted by Vandals

Oak Cliff Neighborhood Churches vandalism

Dallas police are investigating reports of graffiti related vandalism in at least six churches in Oak Cliff Church buildings in the Singing Hills neighborhood which have been painted with red graffiti.

Bishop Ray Campbell of the Ideal Family Church said that they had received a warning a day earlier that something was about to happen to the churches.

Police say that graffiti vandalism is currently being investigated in incidents at Pearly Gates Baptist, Singing Hills Baptist, St. Phillips Missionary Baptist, St. Paul churches and St. Luke Presbyterian, besides the Ideal Family Church.

Anti-Christian messages including ‘scam’ and ‘lies’ were discovered by church members and pastors when they congregated for services on Sunday.

Dallas olice released surveillance videos of the vandal, believed to be a man, spray painting the word “lies” on the glass doors of a church.

Bishop Campbell explained that a lot of churches have the same message which was sprayed on by the culprit after he scaled a fence and climbed the church roof.

The messages have been described as offensive by many pastors and for the time being have been covered by church members with black trash bags until they can be removed.

One of the churches had surveillance videos of the vandal which was released by Dallas police on Wednesday. Police have requested the city to help identify the suspect. The images show an African American man with dreadlocks wearing dark-colored pants and a gray hoodie.


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