Oklahoma university department takes down pictures of past, white professors

University of Oklahoma Department of Political Science has announced the removal of a swath of photos of retired professors that hangs in the department’s entrywa

When fighting racism, one sometimes needs to be just outrageously, blatantly racist.

That seems to be the current mind-set of the left, as exemplified by the chair of the University of Oklahoma Department of Political Science, who has announced that a display of photos of retired professors in the department’s entryway will be removed.

Why? Because the photos are all of “white male faces.”

“We will transform the entryway to our department on the second floor of Dale Hall Tower,” reads a statement from Chair Scott Robinson. “One of the walls of this entry includes the images of retired members of our department, a set that exclusively includes white male faces.”

“This will be replaced with a space in which our current students can express themselves and represent their own voices.”

According to The College Fix, Robinson stated that the decision is one of several the department will undertake to address “issues related to racial justice and inequalities.”

That is, the solution to racism is to keep people from having to look at blameless – even distinguished – white faces.

The ex-professors are still and will always be white. But according to new principles of academia, that fact must be hidden.

Robinson’s statement went on to say: “When funding permits, the historical pictures will be moved to a setting more appropriate for the protection and expression of this history. The second phase of this plan (the permanent removal and movement of the photos) will likely require the cooperation of the college and central administration.”

Only what could be more appropriate than the entrance of the department where they spent their years?

Robinson also revealed plans to have poli-sci majors take a required course on racial inequality, and announced the creation of some sort of department-level bias response team, who will perhaps hunt down more photos of whites to confiscate.

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