Omar Series of Secretive Rallies Includes Terror-Linked Groups

Ilhan Omar is scheduled to appear at a private event in California hosted by CAIR-CA PAC, affiliated with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a non-indicted but named conspirator in a massive terror-funding incident. (Omar campaign flyer)

Democrat freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) held a series of secret fundraisers with groups that are tied to the support of terrorism, appearances that were closed to the press and hidden from public view.

The content of these speeches, given to predominately Muslim audiences, remains unknown, prompting some of Omar’s critics to express concern about the type of rhetoric she is using before these paying audiences, particularly in light of the lawmaker’s repeated use of anti-Semitic tropes in public.

Omar recently spoke in Florida at a private event hosted by Islamic Relief, a charity organization long said to have deep ties to groups that advocate terrorism against Israel. . . .


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