One year later, FBI is still on the hunt for 350 Capitol rioters

Jan 6 Capital Riot.

Make threats, burn cars and businesses in the name of Black Lives Matter or to protest Donald Trump’s election, or tear down public monuments – you are a hero of the left.

But try marching on the U.S. Capitol during the certification of a corrupt election and watch liberals go absolutely nuts for maximum law enforcement.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, seen by a growing number of Americans in a recent poll as Joes Biden’s personal gestapo, is said to be still hunting down some 350 people who marched on the Capitol a year ago, reports

The Jan. 6 protest is routinely described by big media as “deadly” and “fatal” and “bloody,” although the only person who was outright killed was an unarmed female Trump supporter, fatally shot by a not-in-uniform Capitol Police officer who was somehow the only cop in the entire vast melee to actually pull his trigger.

Investigating the protest has become a massive undertaking and public relations project for Democrats and their allies. Federal law enforcement has charged more than 700 people.

Attorney General Merrick Garland, who sees upset conservative parents at school board meetings as terrorists, on Jan. 5 defended the Justice Department’s Jan. 6th probe from critics who say it appears to be focusing on lower-level perpetrators – i.e. not Donald Trump.

Speaking at the DOJ, Garland defended the nationwide roundup, with more than 700 charged despite relatively few arrests on Jan. 6 itself.  

Authorities have been unable to bag one individual, photographed wearing a grey tracksuit and hoodie, who allegedly planted bombs at the headquarters of the Democratic and Republican National Committees the night before the riot.

The bombs were “rendered safe” – if they were ever actually unsafe, given the left’s penchant for false-flag operations and fake crimes – but investigators have so far talked to more than 900 people and collected 39,000 video files just to find the suspect.

FBI is still hunting for 350 Capitol rioters one year later


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