Oregon students no longer need to prove they can write, read or do math to graduate

Gov. Kate Brown/ Facebook

The state of Oregon has officially declared minorities uneducable – so ignorant and mentally inferior that they cannot master math, reading or writing and must be held to a lower standard.

White Democrat Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill in late July that lifted the state’s “essential skills” requirement for graduation for the next three years while its Department of Education tried to lower graduation requirements for non-whites who are incapable of meeting “white” standards.

As the U.S. education system has struggled with how it approaches issues of race and equity, rather than simply teaching students reading, writing, and math, Democrats have overwhelmingly supported lower standards for minorities, ensuring a continued lack of success, achievement, innovation, independence, and other unsavory “white” values.

The bill used COVID-19 as a foundation for the move, extending a suspension of graduation standards put in place during the virus pandemic, according to coverage at Tech Gate.

Brown spokesman Charles Boyle said the lowered standards will benefit “Oregon’s black, Latino, Latina, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribal, and students of color.”

It is not clear how requiring less of students will benefit them in later life, when the skills of math, reading, and writing really come into play.

The bill, SB744, passed both chambers of Oregon’s Democrat-led Legislature in June, largely along party lines, with resistance from Republicans.



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