Drag Queen Principal Sparks Outrage in Oklahoma

Western Heights School District in Oklahoma appoints Dr. Shane Murnan as principal of John Glenn Elementary School.

In a move that can only be characterized as a clear dereliction of duty, a school district in Oklahoma has a drag queen now serving as the principal of an elementary school.

In a brazen act of moral and societal decay, Western Heights School District has appointed Dr. Shane Murnan, a person with a dubious past and alternate persona, ‘Shantel Mandalay,’ as the principal of John Glenn Elementary School.

This kind of shocking narrative makes one wonder where the compass of moral sanity has disappeared to in our society.

This is not just a case of a questionable hiring decision but a blatant attempt by the left to indoctrinate young, impressionable minds with their nefarious agenda and to distort the very essence of family.

The outspoken superintendent, Ryan Walters of the State of Oklahoma, rightfully condemned this atrocious act, giving a voice to the countless parents who now fear for the moral upbringing of their children.

“This gender theory that continues to be thrust upon our kids. It’s completely inappropriate,” Walters bemoaned.

 One can only concur with his assessment that this is nothing short of ‘outrageous.’

Let’s be clear about the situation at hand – this is not just about a person who dresses in drag.

This so-called ‘educator’ had previously faced charges related to child pornography nearly two decades ago.

Although the charges were dropped due to a lack of probable cause, the mere association with such heinous accusations should raise red flags about the suitability of this individual to guide young minds.

To add fuel to this blazing fire, this principal, by night, transforms into a drag queen, entertaining masses with flamboyant performances, attempting to lure our children into the sinful cesspool of gender fluidity and moral degradation.

“By day, she’s an Assistant Principal, molding young minds, but by night, she’s the life of the party,” according to a Facebook post announcing Murnan’s participation in the 2023 Pride Benefit Gala.

One shudders at the thought of the kind of ‘education’ being imparted to these innocent children.

Superintendent Walters has elucidated the terrifying ramifications of this insidious scheme, articulating the fears and concerns of every right-thinking citizen in Oklahoma and, indeed, the nation.

“Their end goal is to absolutely break down a child’s mind, break down the classroom, break down the family, and you see the results that have come from this,” Walters passionately proclaimed, putting into words the anger felt by so many.

This isn’t just a battle against one misguided school district’s hiring decision; this is a war against an orchestrated left-wing attempt to undermine the traditional family unit to pit children against their parents, all in the name of fostering a generation of individuals susceptible to the radical Marxist gender ideology that threatens to divide and destroy the very foundations of our society.

Like a beacon of sanity in these troubled times, Walters has vowed not to let this stand.

“We will not allow our kids to be part of their radical-left game for pushing ideology and furthering their end goal, which is creating social justice warriors instead of students that understand how education is a path for success for them. We will not allow it. This will stop.”

We’re rooting for you, Mr. Walters. Save those kids!


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