Outrage over Christmas card saying ‘Mary slept with someone else’

"Mary just needs to admit she slept with someone else".

“Mary just needs to admit she slept with someone else,” reads the front of the Christmas card.

A similar birthday card bears a caricature of Jesus Christ, with the caption: “Sorry your December birthday is overshadowed by a bloke that wore socks with sandals.”

The cards are produced by a company called Love Layla, and the owner said they are not intended to upset anyone.

Stacey Dennis said: “We’ve really pulled out all the stops for this year’s Christmas range as this is what our customers want … And with the way this year has panned out, people are in real need of a laugh and a giggle.

“Christmas isn’t just about religion it’s also about having fun and enjoying ourselves. We’re just trying to be original and funny by catering for all different types of humor.”

In an era of hyper-awareness of things that offend “marginalized groups,” shouldn’t callous mocking of Christian symbols be frowned upon?

James Mildred of Christian Action Research and Education (CARE) said the cards are something that many Christians might deem deeply offensive.

Mildred told the Independent: “It highlights a fundamental hypocrisy that Christianity is seen as fair game to mock, disparage and insult.

“As Christians we believe it is vital to exercise respect when sharing our views and listening to what others think. This card is the opposite of respectful.

“Sadly, this happens every Christmas, which is such an important time in the Christian calendar. It is just another sad example of the kind of under-the-radar discrimination Christians around Europe and currently facing.”

Card company owner Dennis said if the cards do not fit people’s taste, they have other options.

“If they want a more traditional Christmas card or something more mainstream then they shouldn’t be looking at our range,” she said.


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