Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Texas jury rules against dad trying to protect son, 7, from...

In a chilling development for children's mental health and those who would prevent psychological abuse of children, a Texas jury ruled Monday against a...

Dems are drowning in their own ‘basket of hate’

Jerry Skirvin - Opinion Deranged democrats have for three years now done absolutely nothing for the American people except...


You Are Chosen!

You Are Chosen! is a book by Martin Mawyer and co-author Jerry Skirvin that challenges Christians to become warriors for Christ.




World Hijab Day In The Public Schools: A Short Documentary

World Hijab Day organizers say they want to show that Islam "rules the world," with some public schools celebrating the event during classroom hours by having students wear the Muslim hijab. It's doubtful any public school would permit an event called "World Cross Day",...

Father Learns School Daughter had to Write Out Islamic Creed

Pastor Rich Penkoski tells Christian Action Network of his outrage when he learned his 7th-grade daughter brought home a work assignment to write out the Islamic creed of faith in calligraphy at Mount Ridge Middle School in Gerrardstown, WV.