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United States headed for another Civil War, claims Fox Nation host

Todd Starnes, a Fox Nation Host, thinks civil war to be highly likely since young Americans fail to give importance to patriotism.

Coffee shop fires transgender employee for throwing out conservative customer

WashingtonExaminer. A transgender coffee shop employee in Lincoln, Nebraska, was fired for telling a customer never to come back because she supported conservatives. 

Antisemitic Jews and ungrateful immigrants

By Tabitha Korol - Opinion President Trump has been unarguably the most pro-Jewish, pro-Israel President we’ve ever had, surpassing...

PC Police Nix Band from State Fair Over ‘Confederate’ Name

According to local print and broadcast media, a band was removed from the Du Quoin, Illionois, State Fair lineup because of their name that...

Transgender Ideology Causes Strife at Iowa High School

The Christian Post - Female students at an Iowa high school staged a walkout last week to protest the school's decision to...

Assemblywoman’s Prayer Attacked by Penn. Democrats:

"Jesus, I thank you for this privilege Lord of letting me pray God. That, I, Jesus am your ambassador today. Standing here...

NYTimes Lauds Black Racist Cult, Defends Libelous Reporting

The New York Times - They are sidewalk ministers who use confrontation as their gospel. Hebrew Israelites practice a theology that says God’s chosen...

Threats Close Catholic H.S., Media Unrepentant: Not Good Enough

If the left-wing enemies of Christian conservative families can, upon a whim, destroy our under-age minors, and justify this destruction in the mass media,...