Parents Beware: Skittles is Serving Up a Dose of Trans and Gay Fever

The End of Innocent Candy: Skittles Gets a Gay Makeover

Have you heard the latest instance of corporate wokeness that’s hard to swallow?

Yes, I’m talking about Skittles, the candy that’s overwhelmingly consumed by children has succumbed to the pressures of corporate wokeness.

Now, ask yourself: Why on Earth would a candy manufacturer design their packaging with controversial LGBTQ themes, words, and artwork? Could it be that Skittles, knowing their primary consumer base is children, is attempting to indoctrinate the youth?

Skittles’ shocking move into ‘wokeness’ is enough to give anyone cavities.

They’ve turned their back on traditional families to offer up words like “Black Trans Lives Matter,” “Trans Power,” “Queer,” “Gay,” and “Lesbian” to sway impressionable kids into a dangerous, unhealthy lifestyle sweetened with a dose of sugar.

Really, Skittles? The candy known for its slogan “Taste the rainbow” now serves us a dose of gender fluidity, same-sex relationships, and queer power.

Naturally, parents across the country ask: When did buying candy become a political act?

Of course, Skittles didn’t act alone.

In an act of audacious wokeness, they teamed up with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. For those of you unfamiliar with this organization, let me enlighten you: they support gender transition for minors. That’s right. The candy brand willingly partners with a group that pushes radical agendas, including altering children’s genders.

What does GLAAD know about marketing candy, anyway? Nothing. But they certainly know a lot about marketing the LGBT agenda to kids. The pieces are all falling into place. This isn’t about celebrating diversity; it’s a blatant attempt to mold young minds.

And what’s more, major retailers, unwittingly or not, are being roped into this agenda.

Every parent’s trip to the store now includes an unexpected push from Skittles and store owners to champion the LGBT message. It’s concerning how stores we trust are being subtly manipulated to push these messages onto unsuspecting families.

It’s a sad day when even a simple candy becomes a political tool. Skittles even has a recommended gay collection of audios for youngsters to listen to.

Social media, as expected, is ablaze with reactions.

John from Texas tweeted, “I remember when candies were just sweets, not political statements. #NotMySkittles”. Another concerned mother from Michigan shared, “Wanted to buy some treats for my kids’ birthday party, and now I have to explain these messages to 7-year-olds. Thanks, Skittles!”

A comment from Sarah, a mother of two from Florida, captures the sentiment perfectly: “I just wanted to buy some candies for my kids. I didn’t sign up for this political drama.”

And let’s not forget when corporations wade into these contentious waters, there’s always potential for a financial backlash.

Remember Bud Light? They thought it was a good idea to partner with a transgender influencer and took a massive financial hit as a result.

Florida’s Disney World and even Target stores have previously fallen prey to such ideologically driven stunts. And now, Skittles seems eager to follow in those misguided footsteps.

Skittles might just be the next casualty of this corporate ‘woke’ trend.


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