Parents Confronting Library Over Sex-Game/Toy Events Forcibly Removed

Elizabeth Johnston is the "Activist Mommy" that leftist media blame for putting a library event in Washington on a national protest agenda even as the same media claim the event took place without controversy as a celebration of "pride month." (Charisma News photo)

A library in Renton, Washington, hosted and promoted a pro-homosexual, pro-transsexual youth event celebrating June as so-called pride month, including sex toys and sexual instruction games among the activities offered.

When parents found out and intervened, library officials called police in order to have them forcibly removed from the premises.

The library billed the event a “pride celebration designed by teens for teens” promising “free lunch and dinner! Fun crafts! Loads of activities! Open mic! Karaoke! Advice panels, Safer sex presentations! A drag show! Free swag!”

Some parents who intervened refused to leave when library officials told them to do so, and library officials refused to address parental concerns, according to conservative commentator Todd Starnes who interviewed one of the moms, Lynn Meagher.

“A number of concerned citizens showed up at the King County library wondering what in the name of Dewey Decimal was going on,” Starnes said.

Goodie-bags are a common experience at events with vendor tables where attendees can go by and pick up free stuff, like book markers in the shape of a penis that uses sexual innuendo to communicate sexually aggressive messages. (Guide photo)

“But when the parents started asking questions, librarians called the police and the concerned citizens were physically removed from the property.”

Starnes said that Meagher was offended by the library demeanor, but she was absolutely appalled by what she saw happening as children selected condoms and lubricants from a goodie-bag table and some entered a raffle for free “chest binders” that help girls keep their developing breasts from showing.

The use of the chest binders is for supporting the idea that girls can alter their bodies and become male.

“The entire event was about sex,” Meagher said to Starnes on a recorded podcast interview. “The vendor tables were covered with condoms, lube, bookmarks shaped like an erect penis – all sorts of other sexual information.”

Starnes apologized for the graphic nature of the facts being exposed, “but it is important for you to understand the vile filth that these librarians spewed into the minds of the children,” he said.

at around 5 p.m. the librarians announced that the building was being closed and all adults would need to leave the building unless their children wanted them to stay

Conservative Commentator Todd Starnes

“Public libraries are being turned into indoctrination centers for the LGBT movement,” he added. “Parents and taxpayers should be absolutely concerned about what is going on between the stacks, behind closed doors.”

From what Meagher described, Starnes concluded that the police took action against the wrong people. The parents were told to leave as the events turned to evening scheduled drag performances that children as young as 10 would see.

Starnes noted it was at, “around 5 p.m. the librarians announced that the building was being closed and all adults would need to leave the building, unless their children wanted them to stay.”

Numerous parents were forcibly removed at that point.


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