Parents demand an apology after Obama calls Loudoun County school rape ‘fake outrage’

Obama/ Facebook

Former President Obama, never one to shy away from sarcasm and privileged nastiness, currently finds himself in an uncomfortable position: needing to remove his foot from his own mouth.

Some parents in Virginia – who might otherwise tend toward more progressive candidates – are furious at how the former president characterized concerns about their children’s schools as “fake outrage.” FOX News reports that some parents are even calling Obama’s words “tone deaf” and “clueless.”

Parental concerns include the cover-up of a sexual assault in a school bathroom, enabled by new pro-transgender “guidelines” concocted by the liberal state legislature and eagerly embraced by leftist school administrators, along with mask mandates, arrogant and dismissive leftist school boards, and the distribution of homoerotic “children’s books” in school libraries.

Loudoun County, Va. high school students left their classrooms and walked outside on the morning of Oct. 26 over concerns about sexual assaults and the school district’s handling of two reported attacks.

Yet Obama said of these issues: “We don’t have time to be wasting on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage that right-wing media peddles to juice their ratings.” Campaigning for Democrat Terry McAuliffe on Oct. 23, he went on to accuse McAuliffe’s opponent, Glenn Youngkin, of ignoring “serious problems that affect serious people.”

“Instead of stoking anger aimed at school boards and administrators, who are just trying to keep our kids safe … we should be making it easier for teachers and schools to give our kids the world-class education they deserve, and to do so safely while they are in the classroom,” Obama said.

Some were not dazzled by Obama’s oratory.

“That is the most tone-deaf statement I have ever heard,” said Brandon Michon, a father of three in Loudoun County, Va., to FOX News on Oct. 24. “First and foremost, everything that has come up with the cover-up in Loudoun County has to do with a sexual assault on girls. To say that this is trumped-up as a political thing is laughable.”

“Obama is clearly clueless or intentionally misleading the crowd,” said Laura Zorc of Building Education for Students Together (BEST), speaking to FOX News on Oct. 24. Zorc has trained hundreds of parents to engage with their school boards, drawing on her experience as a parent and former school board member.

“Parents are fed up with politics being forced down the throats of our kids,” Zorc added. “Parental rights is on the ballot in Virginia. This is not a Republican or a Democrat issue – it’s a parents’ issue.”


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