Parents petition as PBS pushes lesbian moms in popular kids’ cartoon

Clifford the Big Red Dog | Screenshot: PBS Kids

Clifford the Big Red Dog, a cartoon show specifically for children on taxpayer-supported PBS Kids and Amazon Prime, has introduced a pair of lesbian parents as part of its effort to force homosexual content on children, reports the Christian Post.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is pushing for 20 percent of all television characters to be LGBT by 2025, even though Gallup puts the actual percentage LGBT people in the U.S. at just over 4 percent.

On Clifford, the two mothers are the parents of a character named Samantha, a friend of main character Emily Elizabeth. They first appeared in an episode titled “The Big Red Tomato/Dogbot.”

“Discussion of such controversial topics and lifestyle choices should be left up to parents. PBS KIDS should not introduce the LGBTQ lifestyle to young children,” One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association, stated recently. “PBS KIDS should stick to entertaining and providing family friendly programming, instead of pushing an agenda.”

PBS is active pushing sexual content on its young audience, announcing recently that it will be featuring Billy Porter, a gay actor known for female fashion, in the upcoming season of the series. The actor posted photos of himself on the show’s set, wearing a tuxedo dress.

PBS last year featured a teacher, Mr. Ratburn, marrying another man.

So far, more than 19,000 people have signed a petition started by One Million Moms, disapproving of their “tax dollars being used to push the LGBTQ agenda on PBS KIDS” and “attempts to indoctrinate children.”


  1. Absolute f/u/k/n pigs headed for hell.

    Defund PBS, CPB, public TV, and public radio NOW. They are nothing but propoganda devices for the marxist commie infiltration laid out in 1965, 45 goals to take America without firing a shot. McCarthy never even knew how right he was. Homeschool your children, teach your children how to handle weapons, and NO QUARTER for these abomination freaks. It has come down to us versus them.


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