Parents told to take kindergartener out of school district if they don’t like LGBT issues

Some Georgia parents objected to their kindergartener child being taught sexual subjects at his public school.

The school principal’s response? Deal with it. We’ll teach your child whatever we want.

We’ll even teach him to listen to us and not his parents.

The parents, who are understandably remaining anonymous, reached out to Morningside Elementary School principal Audrey Sofianos in hopes of switching their child to a classroom that would not attempt to meddle in the sexuality of five-year-olds.

The principal told the couple that their child would need to leave the district to avoid LGBTQ indoctrination.

The Atlanta couple became concerned when they saw a copy of their child’s teacher’s reading list. The books included Stella Brings the Family, which tells the story of a gay couple, I Am Jazz, which discusses transgenderism, and Our Class is a Family, which urges children to see their classroom and not their parents as their main place of learning. They then emailed Sofianos.

According to The Daily Wire, the principal emailed to the parents saying that the books follow Georgia curriculum standards. Sofianos said that if the Catholic parents wish to uphold their traditional values, switching classrooms will not quell their fears as the district promotes this agenda in every classroom.

The principal went on to say that learning about gender and sexual orientation does not begin at any given age. Instead, it is presented as a “K-12 thing.”

The concerned parents told The Daily Wire that they have LGBTQ+ neighbors, and that they will tell their children about them in good time.

They said they feel the topics are not appropriate for a five-year-old to learn in a taxpayer-funded public school.


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