Patriots’ Ben Watson defends Focus on the Family on ‘Fox & Friends’

New England Patriots tight end Ben Watson - Steven Senne/AP

New England Patriots football player Ben Watson said the recent attacks against Focus on the Family is slanderous.

Focus on the Family has been in the national spotlight for the past two weeks over its commercial, “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” which featured New Orleans quarterback, Drew Brees.

Liberal activist groups – along with homosexual rights leaders – blasted Brees for participating in the promo because it was sponsored by “an anti-gay” group.

Most notable was criticism from the Human Rights Campaign that wrote an article claiming Focus on the Family was “one of the most well funded anti-LGTB organizations in the country.”

Watson said that description of Focus on the Family is slanderous.

“The article itself was misleading and a mischaracterization of Focus on the Family, and of Drew,” the 38-year-old tight end said in an appearance Monday on “Fox & Friends.” “It was slanderous. My response was to stop lying with those sorts of labels.”

While Focus on the Family claims homosexuality is a “sin” and that “transgenderism violates God’s design,” the group also states there is “no place for hatred, hurtful comments, or other forms of rejection toward those who experience same-sex attraction or identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual.”


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