Pentagon spokesman oddly says ‘woke’ recruits are necessary for ‘defending the nation’

United States Pentagon © Jeremy Christensen |

Asked on June 1 about recent criticism of the military’s “woke” programs and how Republican lawmakers are urging whistleblowers to now file complaints about them, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby had a weird response.

“If you meet the standards and you’re qualified to be in the military and you’re willing to raise your hand and serve this country, we want you to be able to do and we want you to be able to do it free of hate and fear and discrimination,” he said, as reported by

This implies that the U.S. military is in fact in a kind of war with itself, seeking to wipe out vague forces of “hate” “fear,” and “discrimination” that apparently are loose in its bases and camps.

“What I can speak to is what we’re really focused on here at the Department and that’s defending the nation,” Kirby said during a briefing. “And that means putting in place the right resources, the right strategies, the right operational concepts to do that, around the world.”

Isn’t that what the military has always done? What does promoting homosexuality, transgenderism and racial division have to do with using armed force?

Kirby referred to a recent budget announcement in which the Pentagon laid out how it was trying to modernize and improve how the military defends the country, and to the military’s needing “good people” – presumably of diverse sexual tastes – to help operate and service them.

“There’s no apologies for that, no apologies whatsoever for wanting to create that kind of a working environment. And it is a work in progress,” Kirby said.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Sen. Tom Cotton launched a new push against “woke ideology” in the U.S. military, distributing a “whistleblower” form that lets service members report far-left training and indoctrination efforts.

The campaign comes just two weeks after ex-Space Force Commander, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier claimed the Pentagon had sent service members a video stating that white people are “inherently evil.”


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