People working in arts say they are ostracized for conservative opinions

A survey by ArtsProfessional found that 80 percent of arts employees said sharing controversial opinions

To find the epicenter of intolerance, ostracism, closed-mindedness and bigotry, one need only look to the people who profess to most opposed to all those things in modern Western society.

According to a new survey by a U.K. arts publication, eight out of 10 people working in fields related to the arts or culture said that airing “controversial” — that is, non-leftist — opinions could result in “being professionally ostracized” or sabotaged.

Reported by Mailonline, the Freedom of Expression survey conducted by ArtsProfessionals drew responses from more than 500 individuals in arts and culture jobs. Many spoke of the grave career risks of voicing support for conservative ideas and political parties.

One respondent said “it wouldn’t be advisable to point out that the arts tend to do well under the [conservatives].”

Another said: “Our arts, culture, and indeed education sectors are supposed to be fearlessly free-thinking and open to a wide range of challenging views. However, they are now dominated by a monolithic politically correct class (mostly of privileged white middle class people, by the way), who impose their intolerant views … “

Showing sympathy for nationalist, conservative movements like Brexit was listed as inflammatory and isolating, and voicing opinions on religion, gender and sexuality also proved to be a “minefield” for many survey respondents.

One respondent noted the sector was “nowhere near as open as it pretends to be, there is a lot of hiding and backstabbing.”

Just 40 percent of people said “personal views and opinions are met with respect by others working in the arts & cultural sector” and only 2 per cent more said they felt free to speak on issues plaguing the field.

ArtsProfessional Editor Amanda Parker said the findings show “deep division between public perception and the reality of working in the arts and cultural sector. … Our survey shines a damning light on the coercion, bullying, intimidation and intolerance that is active among a community that thinks of itself as liberal, open minded and equitable.”


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