Planned Parenthood Obstructs Case to Shield Abortionist Error

(O.R. News photo)

OR News – When Celina Casas filed a lawsuit on March 5, against Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts for a traumatic abortion experience, she could not name the abortionist responsible because Planned Parenthood had concealed her name by redacting it from Casas’ medical records.

Now, Casas’ lawsuit has been amended to name Tara N. Kumaraswami, MD as having begun her ill-fated two-day abortion process.

As earlier reported by Operation Rescue, Casas reported to Planned Parenthood in Worcester, Massachusetts, for a second trimester abortion on March 12, 2015. It is now known that Kumaraswami conducted the first stage of the abortion, which usually involves the insertion of laminaria dilators into the cervix and doses of the drug Misoprostol.

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