Planned Parenthood once again in spotlight over fetal tissue donation

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Journalist David Daleiden’s undercover videos continue to cause problems for Planned Parenthood, with newly obtained testimony from Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) officials raising new questions about the organization’s initial response to the footage.

PPFA previously accused Daleiden of “heavily” editing his footage, which captured officials discussing how they adjusted abortion procedures to provide suitable fetal tissue to companies like StemExpress. Daleiden argues that sworn depositions from his civil case confirm what’s been regarded as the more troubling aspects of his videos, and have refocused attention to whether the nation’s largest abortion provider broke federal laws regarding fetal tissue donation.

Fox News obtained footage of officials’ testimonies, in addition to a video Daleiden released on May 26 in an attempt to discredit PPFA’s initial narrative.

Most controversial were Daleiden’s first hidden-camera videos, which showed Drs. Deborah Nucatola and Mary Gatter – both senior officials at PPFA – describing how they perform abortions differently, using a “less crunchy” technique, when a patient has consented to donate fetal tissue.

Both doctors confirmed, in testimony obtained by Fox News, that they altered abortions but maintained that their “procedure” never changed. Nucatola, for example, was asked about her previous comment regarding crushing a fetus above and below its thorax to obtain intact tissue. “You would do that as a general matter?” one of Daleiden’s attorneys asked. “If I was aware that it was a donation case, yes.” She added that doing so was “not a change in the procedure.”


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