Police chief raises gay pride flag outside department’s headquarters

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia raises LGBTQ Pride flag outside department headquarters

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia raised the LGBTQ Pride Flag outside of the department’s headquarters last Friday.

In raising the rainbow-themed flag, the police chief said he wanted to make it clear that those who engage in same-sex attraction and fortifications were welcome.

“Days like today should be a sign that we are making progress,” Garcia said.

Garcia claimed that department officials were not so friendly to the gay and lesbian community in the past. Raising the LGBTQ flag at department headquarters was meant to send a message to the rank and file.

“We don’t want your identity left at the door,” he said. “We want you to be who you are. Yeah, you’ve got to wear a uniform, but don’t change who you are.”

Garcia implied that gays and lesbians need to take pride in their same-sex attraction and sexual activities.

“Be proud of who you are. And that’s really what the message is today.”


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