Police: Conspiracy of Ten Aided Cop-Killer Illegal-Alien Gang Member

According to Richard Viguerie's team at Conservative HQ, Gustavo Parez Arriaga is the poster-child for California's sanctuary policies enabling insurgent criminal gang members to avoid federal law enforcement and build a legacy of drug trafficking, robberies, rape and murder, and most recently the killing of a legally immigrated Fiji-born police officer. (Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department photo)

Late last week, police rounded up an accused conspiracy of 10 illegal aliens and friends affiliated with or supportive of accused cop-killer Gustavo Parez Arriaga.

Arriaga stands charged with murder in the Dec. 26 traffic-stop slaying of Newman P.D. Officer Ronil Singh in California.

As of New Year’s Eve, the scope of criminality – that also included criminal gang activity – stirred an outcry across the nation as facilitated by California’s pro-sanctuary policies.

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Firing back, supporters of sanctuary for illegal aliens, and the state’s non-cooperation with federal immigration enforcement, responded that catering to illegals does more good than is seen.

“You only hear about the violent cases,” one such defender said in response to questions on FOX-TV’s Fox and Friends.

They called on the public to see the problem as more a case of an illegal alien gang member never charged before with a very serious crime who was not feeling welcome and safe during a traffic stop by Officer Singh, a Fiji-born legal immigrant.

Fiji-born immigrant, Corporal Ronil “Ron” Singh, Newman, Calif, P.D., was a canine officer. Sanctuary policy defenders blame his death on American attitudes that need to change so illegal-alien criminal gang members feel safer when stopped by police. (Merced P.D. photo)

Richard Viguerie’s team at Conservative HQ wasn’t having any of it. Their statement: “Democrats killed California Police Corporal Ron Singh,” placed liberal politicians as added to the list of those who acted with criminal malfeasance in this case.

Local reports noted that Arriaga joined the Sureños street gang, remaining an active member, and police recently arrested him again on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol after a prior DUI case.

The manhunt against Arriaga ended Friday morning after a brief stand-off in Bakersfield, California, according to Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood. The arrest took place 200 miles north of where Singh’s shooting death happened.

By late Friday night, police charged 10 named persons with either misleading authorities, aiding a fugitive in evading authorities and/or aiding and abetting Arriaga after the fact, Youngblood said.

That list remained incomplete, according to Conservative HQ.

“A courageous California law enforcement officer died at the hands of California Governor Jerry Brown, Representative Nancy Pelosi, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris,” their statement noted.

It is the democrats’ lies That are most responsible for the murder of Corporal Singh

“Sheriff Christianson got it right when he blamed California’s sanctuary law for preventing local authorities from reporting Arriaga to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency for his previous arrests,” the statement went on.

“Christianson said if (Arriaga) had been deported, Singh would still be alive. We can’t ignore the fact that this (was) preventable.”

Of great frustration to Conservative HQ is California’s Trust Act making it a sanctuary state, the granting of driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and a liberally expanded financial aid program for illegals.

“It is the Democrats’ lies about their policy of simply not deporting criminal illegal aliens that are most responsible for the murder of Corporal Singh,” their statement concluded.

Citing their “build” the wall campaign, CHQ urged conservatives to email the White House and ask President Trump to take this incident and a case for the border wall to the nation via a prime-time television address.

Conservative HQ claims a significant following among TEA Party activists and supporters of President Donald Trump, among other politically conservative groups.

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