Police Mum on Muslim Braining of Now-Deceased Christian Grandma

Police note that a major case squad is still investigating the savage bashing and braining of a Canadian grandmother who was collecting litter at her local park, noting no motive for the young Islamic man's actions against an outspoken witness for Christ. (Windsor Star photo)

Lloyd Billingsley is a journalist who wants real answers, but more than a year after a Muslim’s arrest for the brutal braining of an outspoken Christian grandma in Canada at her local park: none.

Police say 21-year-old Habibullah Ahmadi caught up with Sara Anne Widholm on October 8, last year. She was a 76-year-old member of Riverside Baptist Church who was picking up pieces of litter on Ganatchio Trail near Windsor, Ontario.

Ahmadi, whose name means “friend of Allah,” attacked her and literally beat some brains out of her.

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She remained in an coma, agonizing for her family, for more than a year. Her 83-year-old husband did not survive more than a month of that ordeal. Alfred Widholm died in November, 2017, officially ending a 54-year marriage.

The beating of the elderly, witnessing Christian woman by a young Islamic male who had no other known contact with her left questions of a possible religious motive.

Those questions remain unanswered 14 months later, and Billingsley found that unacceptable.

The secondary photo in this case is of a local squad car at the crime area because 14 months after his arrest, police refuse to release a mug-shot of the Muslim who is now charged with murder. (CTV Windsor photo)

“Ahmadi was 21, a full adult, but police never released his booking photo,” Billingsley noted. “News reports described him as a “Windsor man,” who goes by the name “Daniel.”

“Local and national news stories contained no statements from Habibullah Ahmadi, nor any indication that he had declined an interview,” he added. “News reports contained no quotes from Ahmadi’s family, friends, neighbors, co-workers or fellow students in Windsor.”

This is an attack upon an elderly, defenseless woman, “but local and national feminists did not cite the attack as an example of violence against women or toxic masculinity,” Billingsley said. “Likewise, no statement against violence emerged after the attack finally claimed Widholm’s life.”

Local media confirmed that Widholm died at Windsor Regional Hospital on Saturday, December 15.

“He was originally charged with assault, later upgraded to attempted murder and now second-degree murder with the death of his victim,” Billingsley said, which is confirmed by further local reports.

Trudeau had nothing to say about the attack on anne widholm, which was not a hoax

“Little has emerged about Ahmadi and his motive in the attack, which was not just another assault, according to neurosurgeon Dr. Balraj Jhawar,” he added.

Jhawar told reporters that the injuries were the worst skull fractures he had seen in his 12 years of practice in Windsor, and among the most brutal incidents he dealt with ever in his career.

Widholm suffered multiple brain hemorrhages, and she sustained a fractured skull and vertebrae that required eight hours of surgery before her long ordeal in a vegetative state of coma.

“Last January, an 11-year-old Toronto girl charged that a man had twice cut her hijab,” Billingsley said. “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau denounced the attack, which turned out to be a hoax. Trudeau had nothing to say about the attack on Anne Widholm, which was not a hoax.”

Billingsley said local and national leaders, while offering their condolences, treated Widholm’s passing like an unfortunate death by natural causes. A year later, the violence of the attack is swept aside.

The one-year anniversary of the attack passed without comment by officials or the media. A local blurb noted that a date for trial is due for announcement in January in the case of the elderly woman’s attack in Windsor.

The Sweedish Widholms settled in Windsor about a decade ago to enjoy their golden years together. They are survived by two adult sons, an adult daughter and seven grandchildren.

Latest reports noted that Ahmadi remains jailed without bond.

Lloyd Billingsley is the author of Barack ‘em Up: A Literary Investigation, and Hollywood Party: Stalinist Adventures in the American Movie Industry.  Bill of Writes: Dispatches from the Political Correctness Battlefield, is a collection of his journalism.

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  1. Why is this sad story being hushed up,by the media,courts,who is trying squash this ,I would say there’s all ready a real injustice to the poor lady , is this hush up coming from the federal or provincial government, why is there a delay in the trail,


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