Police Prayer Vigils, No, but ‘Pastors on Patrol’ Still a Go After Atheist Group Complaint

Middle School student Isabella Merle prays during a recent prayer vigil. The Freedom From Religion Foundation opposed Shreveport Police Department leadership in organizing city-wide prayer vigils. Baptist pastor and Police Chief Alan Crump agreed to cut police department ties to the organizing of future prayer gatherings. (Reuters photo)

Christian Post – A police department in Louisiana will no longer host or promote citywide monthly prayer vigils following a complaint from one of the nation’s leading atheist groups. The Shreveport Police Department, which is led by Baptist pastor and Police Chief Alan Crump, has agreed to no longer organize prayer gatherings after it received a letter from the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The letter was sent in late August and objected to the fact that the police department “organizes and promotes prayer vigils” on behalf of about 20 pastors who are involved in the department’s “Pastors on Patrol” chaplaincy program, according to KTBS.

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