Poynter ‘Fake News’ List Outed as ‘Fake News,’ Abandoned

So-called liberal organizations helping with a list of "fake news" outlets revealed itself to be typical leftists pushing an anti-conservative agenda to apply censorship against unwanted views. The leftist offenders outed include the Poynter Institute, the Associated Press, FactCheck.org, PolitiFact and Snopes.com as well as typical leftist hypocrite organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center. (iStock photo)

Fox News – A journalism watchdog has been forced to scrap a list of unreliable news sources because, as it turns out, the list wasn’t reliable. The Poynter Institute, a journalism nonprofit organization, initially released the list of more than 500 so-called “unreliable” news outlets.

It was, they said, “built from pre-existing databases compiled by journalists, fact-checkers and researchers around the country.” But a number of prominent conservative-leaning outlets were included in the “unreliable” category.

These include The Washington Examiner, Washington Free Beacon, Daily Caller and other publications that employ scores of journalists covering Congress, elections, the White House and more. The index was created with the help of an employee for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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