President of France defends schoolgirl’s ‘right to blaspheme’ Islam

French teenager Mila (pictured on a French television programme ) received death threats after calling Islam a 's**t religion' and has now been moved to a new school

Someone in Europe still knows the meaning of freedom of speech, and surprisingly, he is at the pinnacle of French government.

President Emmanuel Macron is defending the teen girl who got death threats after calling Islam a “s— religion,” declaring: “We have the right to blaspheme.” The French leader spoke out as Mila, 16, from near Lyon, was relocated to a new school to “guarantee her safety,” the UK Daily Mail reported.

Macron said: “The law is clear – we have the right to blaspheme, to criticize, to caricature religions. The republican order is not a moral order … what is outlawed is to incite hatred and attack dignity.”

France’s public prosecutor had already launched an investigation into “death threats, threats to commit a crime and harassment” against Mila but has also opened an inquiry into whether she “provoked religious hatred” in her diatribe.

Macron added an interview with Le Dauphine Libere newspaper: “In this debate we have lost sight of the fact that Mila is an adolescent. We owe her protection at school, in her daily life, in her movements.”

Macron said that the state was responsible for finding her a new school, where she began lessons this week. He added that children need to be “better protected” against “new forms of hatred and harassment online that can be destructive.”

Mila criticized Islam after she made a live broadcast on her Instagram account last month in which she talked openly about her sexuality.

A Muslim left a comment saying she was a “dirty lesbian” and a “dirty w—-.”

Mila hit back in an Instagram video saying the Koran was “full of hate” and calling Islam a “s**t religion.”

She went on: “I am not racist, not at all. You cannot be racist towards a religion. I said what I thought, you will not make me regret it.

“There are still people who will get excited, I clearly don’t give a damn, I say what I want, what I think.”

In a subsequent television appearance she stood by her comments, saying: “I absolutely do not regret what I said, it was really what I thought.”


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