‘Price is Right’ evening special turns into plug for Planned Parenthood

Drew Carey and RuPaul co-hosted a 'Price is Right' special to raise money for Planned Parenthood. (CBS)

“The Price is Right?”

Not quite, after the most recent edition of the show. Now it’s quite definitely “The Price is Left.”

According to FOX News, the primetime special “The Price is Right At Night” on May 11 brought heated reactions from viewers on social media after making a ham-handed statement linking transgenderism and abortion, two of the left’s most sacred institutions.

Interestingly, this episode of the longest-running game show in television history also featured as a guest host female-impersonating entertainer RuPaul, host of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The famous drag queen was there to help raise money for charity, with the show promising to match all the contestants’ prize winnings with a donation to … Planned Parenthood.

Contestants won $97,266 in prizes during the special, which means that the same dollar amount is now going to the organization as a charitable donation.

Reaction to the guest host’s choice of charity was divided. Viewers who oppose abortion took to Twitter to voice their outrage over the “Price is Right” cash gift.

“I went to watch the price is rights night time special with RuPaul…but….his charity was planned parenthood. They lost this viewer. #TRUMP2020,” one angry user tweeted.

There were also viewers who seemed excited to see square-jawed, masculine RuPaul in a dress and big hairdo and supported the show’s charitable donation.

“Legend @RuPaul is on The Price is Right playing for matched donations to @PPFA #PlannedParenthood, because that’s what heroes do,” a viewer tweeted.


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