Pro-Abortion Judge’s Ruling Stalls Missouri Law v Clinic Malpractice

A judge ruled as a matter of pro-abortion activism to forbid for now the state of Missouri to shut down a medical abortion facility despite demonstrated malpractice that caused their operating license to expire without renewal. The abortions are now done without reference to any state standards of care. (WEWS photo)

The Daily Mail – Missouri’s only abortion clinic remains open for now after a St. Louis judge Monday blocked state officials from closing it amid an ongoing fight over licensing.

Circuit Judge Michael Stelzer granted Planned Parenthood’s request for a preliminary injunction to stop the state from forcing the clinic to close. He had already granted a temporary reprieve May 31 that blocked state officials from shuttering the clinic the day its license to operate lapsed.

His ruling ordered Missouri health officials to decide on renewing Planned Parenthood’s application to renew its license by June 21. Missouri is held from becoming the first state without an abortion clinic since the 1973 Roe-v-Wade opinion.

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