Pro-Family Chick-fil-A Eases to #3, Haters Can’t Stop The Rise

A Chick-fil-A employee offers complementary drinks to protesters at a Georgia store, illustrating the surging restaurant franchise's attitude for winning against all hatefully bigoted resistance to their uncompromising stand for family and truth, and standing against sexual corruptions such as homosexuality and the transgender fraud. (AP photo)

The Christian Post – Chick-fil-A is set to become the third largest fast-food chain in the United States as their signature chicken sandwiches and waffle fries continue to soar in popularity.

Over 50 years after opening the first restaurant in the Atlanta area, Chick-fil-A’s sales numbers have risen significantly, bested only by McDonald’s and Starbucks, according to food-service consultancy Technomic Inc, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The company remains privately-owned. 

“We’ve been pretty consistent in how, over multiple decades, we’re going to take it slow and steady,” said Mark Moraitakis, a Chick-fil-A senior director, speaking of the company’s growth.

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