Pro-Life ‘Dangerous Misinformation’ Censored on YouTube

A search screen for the word "abortion" on YouTube Wednesday revealed the direction that the video sharing giant wanted to take viewers after censoring pro-life expression as "dangerous misinformation." (YouTube screenshot)

Christian Post – YouTube changed the ranking of its search results for abortion after a writer at a liberal website complained that the top content list was biased in favor of pro-life videos.

According to an article published by Slate on Dec. 21, a YouTube search of the word abortion produced numerous pro-life results. These results included videos of former abortion-provider-turned pro-life activist Antony Levatino and one by conservative commentator and editor of The Daily Wire Ben Shapiro.

“When you Google ‘abortion,’ the top results are relatively staid considering the
divisiveness of the topic in American life,” wrote April Glaser of Slate.

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