Pro-Life Doctor Demonstrates Abortion-Pill Reversal

Dr. Brent Boles holds up a baby who had been started on an abortion pill method of in-utero killing, proving that the killing can be reversed - taking that pill is not the end. A woman can change her mind and save her child. (Facebook photo)

LiveAction – A Facebook post from a pro-life doctor in Tennessee was shared more than 2,000 times, and for a very good reason. With one photo, Dr. Brent Boles showed thousands that abortion pill reversal really does work.

“Recently I did this delivery, and am sharing the picture with the patient’s permission,” he wrote. “You see, when a woman takes the abortion pill, she often immediately regrets it. This patient did exactly that.”

In the photo, Boles is seen holding up a newborn baby after a C-section delivery. A baby, marked for abortion, saved by the efforts of a committed pro-life doctor and a mother who changed her mind after making a near-fatal mistake.

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