Pro-Life Students’ Jumbo-Tron Ad Lights Up Times Square

As the SFLA ad rotated 15-second spots with other ads, returning about every three minutes or so, it was seen a minimum of 720 times. SFLA expects that it was seen by tens of thousands of people or more. it featured three women holding up pro-life protest signs such as "I reject abortion extremism," and included the group's website: online. (SFLA photo)

The Christian Post – Pro-life student association Students for Life of America sponsored a giant video advertisement this week in Manhattan’s Times Square, speaking out against what they called New York’s abortion extremism.

The ad ran for three days, and it ran while SFLA hosted its annual gala event in New York City Wednesday. This year, the SFLA gala was titled “Called to Bring Light to the Darkness.”

The event was held in a state that earlier this year passed a law that effectively legalizes abortion until birth, something only seven other states did previously. The bill, signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, garnered much national media attention and drew the outrage of pro-lifers . . .

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