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Islam in the Schools: A Quick Look


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A growing concern for parents nationwide is the rise of Islam being taught as a religion in the public schools.

Islam in the Schools: A Quick Look is a short documentary film featuring many examples of Islamic instruction material being taught in the public schools through workshops, role-playing games, scripture memorizations and teacher handouts.

While each school typically has its own brand of Islamic teaching programs, one of the most frequently taught is for students to recite the Islamic creed of faith, “There is no god but Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

Some schools, as our documentary exposes, compel students to admit, “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian,” a statement that is both highly subjective and completely unproven.

Also, without any credible merit, students have been taught that conquering Muslims treat their opponents “with tolerance, kindness and respect,” despite all current and historical evidence leading to a contrary view.

Across the nation, as identified in our documentary, schools have had children memorize the “Five Pillars of Islam” while also being asked to examine and interpret Quranic scripture.

In other instances, students have gone on field trips to visit a local mosque, asked to wear Muslim clothing, and even separated into small groups to draw a poster of the Five Pillars of Islam for classroom display.

Particularly outrageous to many Christian parents are lessons where students must recite: “Allah is the same god that is worshipped in Christianity and Judaism.”

Children that were taken to a mosque in Massachusetts were told, “you have to believe in Allah, and Allah is the one God, the only one worthy of worship, all forgiving, all merciful.”

In Augusta County, VA female students were asked to wear a Muslim scarf to class, ostensibly for the purpose of having them learn “about the Islamic concept of modest dress.” While girls in Castle Rock, CO were told their “ankles must be covered” and they “must bring wide scarfs or hooded sweatshirts for the mosque” they were planning to visit.

Video cartoons have also been used to convert children into Islam, as was done in Chatham, NJ. The cartoon featured a young Muslim boy playing soccer with a non-believing classmate. “May God help us all find the true faith, Islam,” the non-Muslim child was told.

Prior to the Covid pandemic, which resulted in school closures and remote learning classes, Islamic indoctrination was gaining massive classroom exposure, both in large and small school districts. They will likely return as schools become fully operational again.

Most parents are unaware of these Islamic indoctrination classes and only discover them when their child brings home a work assignment.

Islam in the Schools: A Quick Look will show parents what they should be looking for and why the need to ask their child, “So, what did you learn in school today?”

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