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Sleeping Giant: Islam Behind Bars


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Ex-Con Talks About Islam from BEHIND Prison Walls

News outlets from NBC to the Washington Times, from the National Public Radio to the Huffington Post report:

“Islam is the fastest growing religion in America’s prison system today.”

Zorn spent eight years and eight months behind prison walls as a convicted felon and as a converted Muslim before he became a Christian following his release.

“The Muslims, they have everything on lockdown, literally from job placement to distribution of drugs, alcohol, cellphones, and guards in their pocket,” Zorn tells Christian Action Network in an investigative documentary film called, “Sleeping Giant: Islam Behind Bars.”

“I mean, the list goes on and on. You have a team of individuals that can range from 6 to 20 members that are willing and able to beat up, extort, stabbed, possibly even murder.”

Zorn says these violent acts can happen “at any given time over one word, one call, one direct order from an Imam.”

Islam works like a military structure in the prison system, he reveals, with a “security force” that literally protects their Ummah, that is, Muslim community.

“You’ll never see any form of individuality when it comes to Islam in the prison system. Everything is about the team,” he says.

Zorn says the primary mission of Islam in prison is to recruit new members by luring them in with drugs, cell phones and protection.

Once recruited, those newly converted Muslims will be used to hold and distribute those drugs, cell phones and shanks, which are prison knives.

“Their intellect and their network, how they think and operate, literally blew my mind,” he says.

“The Muslim training that does go on within the prison system, it’s not monitored. You have a sleeping giant behind the wall that has the ability to network through cell phones, the ability to network among individuals within in the prison, and outside the prison, that can share knowledge,

prep, plan for years.”

Congressman Peter King said, “The number of cases, since September 11th that have involved terrorists that converted to Islam, were radicalized to Islam in American prisons, and subsequently attempted to launch terror strikes here in the US upon their release from custody.”

On average, the United States of America has a prison population of 1,598,750 per day. Of those, an estimated 40,000 convert to Islam each year.

Speaking out about the radicalization of Islam behind the bars is a forbidden topic, according to Congressman Jeff Duncan of South Carolina:

“It’s amazing that we can talk about gang activity in prison, but it seems to be off limits to talk about radicalization within the prisons when it comes to the Muslim Community.”

Former prisoner and Muslim covert, Zorn, however, unlocks the dark secrets of Islam Behind the Bars and provides riveting details on exactly how the Muslim prison population operates, expands and strategies inside those cold jailhouse walls.

This item is being offered as a free gift for the above donation amount to Christian Action Network. Christian Action Network is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization. All donations go directly to supporting CAN’s efforts to defend America’s traditional family and religious values.

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