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Stolen Rainbow: The Great Unmasking


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Delve into the pages of “Stolen Rainbow” for a revealing exploration of a narrative often overlooked—the impact of the LGBTQ+ movement on the Christian community. 

This thought-provoking book shines a light on the challenges faced by Christians as the LGBTQ+ movement gains momentum, offering a perspective seldom heard.

In the late 1960s, homosexuals existed on the fringes of society, lacking political power and organization. However, with the advent of the Rainbow Flag in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, the LGBTQ+ movement found a powerful symbol to rally behind. 

Baker’s intention to provoke the church and “work every last nerve” set a course of confrontation that would shape the landscape for decades to come.

“Stolen Rainbow” charts the trajectory of the LGBTQ+ movement as it gained traction and political influence, often at the expense of Christian values and beliefs. Through provocative actions and political maneuvering, the movement aimed to destroy traditional norms and disparage those who stood in its way.

As the rainbow flag became synonymous with LGBTQ+ activism, Christians found themselves increasingly marginalized and ostracized. 

“Stolen Rainbow” captures the resilience of a community under siege, offering insight into the challenges they face in an ever-changing world.

Through the lens of “Stolen Rainbow,” readers are invited to confront difficult questions and explore the complexities of a cultural divide that shows no signs of abating.

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