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Twilight in America details the history of “Muslims of the Americas” and its links to multiple murders, assassinations, fire-bombings, kidnappings and countless white-collar crimes inside the United States.
The book became an Amazon #1 bestseller when it was released and has been read and praised by law enforcement officials throughout the nation.

Founded in 1980, MOA is a front group for the more radical terrorist network known as Jamaat al-Fuqra. The group recruits mostly from the black community and it has a presence in such states as New York, Virginia, California, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina and Georgia.

Though few Americans have ever heard of the controversial terrorist organization, most are familiar with Wall Street reporter Daniel Pearl who was murdered while trying to arrange an interview with its leader, the late Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, in Pakistan.

Mr. Pearl was investigating the group’s connection to shoe-bomber Richard Reid when he was kidnapped in Karachi and held for ransom before he was brutally beheaded.

Twilight in America completes Daniel Pearls’ investigation into Gilani’s terror group.

Ali Aziz, who spent eight years infiltrating the Islamic group for the NYPD, says the terrorist group has a secret army training for Jihad against America.

“The ultimate purpose is to be ready when the time is right,” he tells author Martin Mawyer.

MOA has nearly three-dozen Islamic camps, villages and compounds scattered throughout the United States. The group is headquartered in Hancock, NY and boasts to have the “most advanced Islamic guerilla warfare training camps” in the world.

– Mr. Aziz confirmed many of the suspicions and rumors which have circulated about the Islamic group since its founding.

– MOA has lots of illegal weapons on its compounds.

– MOA beats its members into submission.

– MOA continues to engage in violent crimes.

– MOA uses scams, fraud and drug-running to feed its terrorist activity.

– The NYPD has enough criminal evidence to shut them down.

– MOA trains its children to grow up and become murderers.

“You have to understand this,” Ali said of the group, “All they been living for their whole lives is to fight a holy war… They want to become gangsters for what they think is a holy war.”

Ali calls MOA “modern warrior slaves” whose members would “set themselves on fire” if commanded to do so by their late Pakistani leader, Sheikh Gilani.

“These people are slaves,” he says. “They are asleep. They are a bomb. Here is the scariest part of MOA. Anything can happen at any time.”

Following the publication of Twilight in America, a former NYPD informant said:

“The two guys they’d want to kill most are Ali Abdel-Aziz, the member who was an informant of the NYPD, and Martin Mawyer. I know they were looking for Ali Abdel-Aziz at one point. I’ve heard them talking about possibly killing Martin for his film and then his documentary about MOA.”

“They are part of the jihad, as they see it. Everything they do is in some way part of this war,” the NYPD informant said.

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