Production studio fires key leader for supporting Trump

Erica Hilbert, managing director of The Mill's Chicago office, had served on the studio's Diversity Committee. The Mill Chicago

Even as Joe Biden calls vaguely and ineffectually for unity, leftists in leadership positions at companies and organizations going full-speed ahead to cancel and banish supporters of President Donald Trump – and a unrigged U.S. election system – from their midst.

In Chicago, a leading production studio in the ad industry has fired a highly placed leader — who also was on the company’s diversity committee — over a series of tweets in which she expressed support for Donald Trump’s efforts to scrutinize the 2020 Presidential Election.

The Mill told Adweek that it has fired Erica Hilbert, managing director of its Chicago office, over free-speech statements she made on her Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Hilbert also reportedly posted a photo with the caption “Coming for ya DC!” shortly before the Jan. 6 protest that escalated into a break-in at the U.S. Capitol.

The Mill said Hilbert’s tweets opposed the company’s values of diversity, equity and inclusion and violated its zero tolerance policy for derogatory comments related to age, gender, culture and race.

In other words, to work there you must not disagree with anyone’s views in any way if they have power over you.

Hilbert was suspended while The Mill “investigated” the tweets others did not agree with. She was then terminated from her leadership role.

Adweek has been unable to reach Hilbert for comment, due to the deletion of all her social media profiles.


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