Proposed New York Legislation Would Make Throwing Water on Cops a Felony

NYPD releases photos of men wanted in connection with throwing water on officers.

NBC NewYork. Elected officials joined New York City and Long Island police union leaders on Wednesday to announce proposed legislation that would make throwing water on cops a felony. It comes in the wake of outrage over viral video that showed a Harlem crowd throwing buckets of water on officers making an arrest.

New York Assemblyman Mike LiPetri, a Republican, was among the lawmakers and police unions at a Wednesday press conference announcing the introduction of the bill.

“It’s a sad day in the history of New York state when we have to legislate civility. It’s even a sadder day in the history of the greatest city in the world when a culture of disrespect against our police has been fostered,” LiPetri said, adding it is time for Mayor Bill de Blasio to show his support for police.

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