Punches, Protests, and Tampons: How Nebraska Took a Stand for Life Amidst Chaos!

Radical activist Sara Crawford is arrested after punching Nebraska police officer

Bloody Tampons and Brazen Assaults: Nebraska’s Fight for the Innocent Unborn!

What a stomach-churning spectacle we just witnessed at the Nebraska State Capitol last week!

So, why am I shining a spotlight on this issue?

Simply because our mainstream media has conveniently developed a blind spot toward this outrageous incident. 

I’m sure we can all agree had the tables been turned, this would have led to national headlines and would likely have provoked a dramatic press conference from the Biden administration, warning of the looming threat posed by white extremists.

Yet, only a handful are aware of this marauding band of fanatical activists who thought it fit to stage a macabre display of protest on the Nebraska Capitol floor, throwing a wrench (actually bloody tampons and punches) into a pivotal debate on the sanctity of life and the rights of the unborn.

All this despicable mayhem kicked off while lawmakers earnestly attempted to pass a bill to give our unborn a fighting chance at life, prohibiting abortions after the first 12 weeks.

The ‘Let Them Grow Act,’’ as it’s known, is a heartening stride towards valuing every fragile life. But these violent activists, armed with bloody tampons, couldn’t be bothered to have a proper, civilized debate.

They were also protesting a portion of the bill designed to limit gender transition procedures for those under 19.

Republican Governor Jim Pillen, a man of principles, has vowed to put his pen to this life-saving bill.

Predictably, the leftist members of the State Capitol and their sleazy cheerleaders were frothing at the mouth. They attempted to filibuster this crucial legislation, but the Republicans outmaneuvered them with a numbers game, thus safeguarding the lives and health of future Nebraskans.

Now, let’s talk about these protesters who were arrested.

Benjamin Buras, 40, and Sara Crawford, 33, were among the troublemakers involved in assaulting the State Trooper. Buras was arrested for resisting arrest and trespassing, while Crawford was apprehended for obstructing a peace officer.

Additionally, Lucia Salinas, 24, Maghie Miller-Jenkins, 36, Mar Lee, 25, and Danna Seevers, 56, were arrested on various charges, including obstructing government operations, disturbing the peace, and trespassing.

The Nebraska State Patrol deserves a hat tip for their rapid response to this utter madness.

They’ve shared the entire spectacle on social media, giving us a peek into the true colors of these ‘protesters.’’

This, my friends, is the left’s dangerous gambit laid bare. They’re hell-bent on thrusting their extreme views down our throats, even if it means assaulting law enforcement and sabotaging democratic processes.

Nebraska is standing for life and sanity, but the war is far from won. These miscreants will surely return.

But as Governor Jim Pillen commits to championing this pivotal bill, the bloody tampon-wielding agitators are learning that sometimes people punch back.


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