Rank-and-file pediatricians slam American Academy of Pediatrics for pushing trans drug cocktails on youngsters

American academy of pediatrics/ Facebook

The rotting and perversion of American culture extends into professional organizations as lofty as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), reports DailyMail.com after acquiring leaked documents from that group.

The news organization obtained copies of comments posted on the AAP’s website about the group’s stance on controversial puberty-blocking “cocktails” of drugs that are now freely given out to teens who say they want to change their gender.

Such medical malpractice would have been unthinkable only a few years ago, running counter as it does to the Hippocratic Oath and even the lowest standards of medical ethics. Basing actual medical treatment on the passing emotional storms of young people would seem more like something responsible physicians should stand in the way of.

Five pediatricians in March issued a resolution – called Resolution 27 – calling for a “rigorous systematic review” of the AAP’s 2018 gender affirmation policy. The resolution warns of an increasing number of transitioners who voice regret at their treatment and seek to have it reversed. The AAP policy strongly pushes medical treatment of so-called “gender dysphoria” from the very outset.

Angry AAP members say the academy changed its rules to block the member-drafted resolution. This led to the review being shelved at the academy’s leadership conference, held recently in Chicago. So members went instead to the comments section for a separate resolution in the AAP’s members-only website.

Among the comments leaked to DailyMail.com was that the academy was “endorsing great harm,” that its care scheme for trans-identifying teens was based on “scant and shoddy” evidence and that administering drugs and hormones is “unsafe and unsustainable.”

“Before promulgating gender-affirming care, with all of its ethical implications (irreversible bodily changes, sterility, etc.) … don’t we want to be sure this is the best path?” wrote one skeptical pediatrician.

Another member said there is “no good long-term outcome data” for those who undergo physical transitioning and pointed to the 37,000 members of an online forum for “de-transitioners.”

“What is most needed right now is better research to make sure we do the right thing for our patients,” wrote the pediatrician, who was not identified by DailyMail.com to prevent harassment by LGBTQ activists or even other “woke” professionals.

One AAP member complained of being “unable to comment” on the resolution; another claimed to “no longer trust the AAP” since the resolution was “removed” and “debate on the matter was silenced egregiously.”


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