Religious, political material removed from Jimtown teacher’s classroom

Mike Hosinki, removed Religious and political materials from his Baugo Community School classroom

Religious and political materials were recently removed by school officials from the classroom of Mike Hosinki in Elkhart, Ind., who is a long-time Jimtown High School teacher.

This occurred after the controversial Northern Indiana Atheists sent a notice to the Baugo Community School system with their intention to file a complaint over bumper stickers and signs hanging on the walls of Hosinki’s classroom. The group claimed one of the families of Hosinki’s students to have contacted them about his teaching despite the rest of the families have no problem with it.

“Hosinski has gotten away with years of indoctrinating students with hateful messages because Jimtown High School and Baugo Community Schools have allowed him to,” the the atheist groups says.  

The complaint by the atheist group states that Hosinki told his class that Obama and Hillary are criminals and that President Trump is great. He went on to call all Democrat’s liars before telling the students that abortions should be made illegal. Some parents are wondering what this has to do with atheism or religion.  

The student also told the Northern Indiana Atheists (as per the complaint filed) that, “Hosinki told the class that Bill Clinton’s friend takes little girls to a sex island and anyone who finds out is killed. Korea has nukes, something about Muslims taking over, and something about gay people getting married.”

There were several other parents involved in this story that believe the teacher was just stating facts.

All materials that could advance partisan or religious views have since been removed, Sanders said.

“Efforts will continue to ensure that teaching techniques in our schools do not violate civil liberties and a clear separation between church and state is honored. Baugo Community Schools recognizes the dignity and rights of all of our students and will exercise great care to afford them their civil rights,” the statement said.

The controversial President of Northern Indiana Atheists, Troy Moss, stated that teachers should know better than labeling liberalism as a mental disorder and that it was rude and those signs should not be part of any public school classroom.


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