Renault pushes lesbian ‘love story’ to promote its Renault Clio

Renault Clio

Not too long ago, French carmaker Renault had a YouTube advertisement banned for promoting women as sexual objects.

Now, in keeping with the trend of international corporations dictating societal values, the company has released a touching lesbian love-story advertisement to rev up social media, controversy and of course … sales.

The Renault Clio is an automobile, another metal-glass-and-plastic box on wheels into which people can pour their money, but the ad seeks to make it a symbol of rebellious homosexual love, changing familial values, brave rejection of your parents and everything they wanted for you, and a final triumphant proving-mom-and-dad-wrong.

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The commercial, launched to celebrate 30 years of the best-selling French car, follows the relationship between two women who meet as children and have soon advanced to steamy in-car make-out sessions, a misguided and failed heterosexual marriage, strife with the parents, an emotional reunion and, finally, taking cute children to the grandparents.

How the cute children came to be is not clear; some male must have snuck his way into the lesbian utopia.

Social media has been predictably teary-eyed over the commercial, which has largely received positive reviews (who would dare comment otherwise). “Renault Clio lesbian advert should win all the oscars imho“, said one Twitter user, while another added, “Gay culture is sobbing over the Renault Clio advert.”

It might seem mysterious for a company to so pointedly target a market that is by all accounts less than 3 percent of the population, but that is not in fact what is being done. The demographic being targeted here is the guilty well-off, heterosexual and affluent and car-shopping but feeling bad about it, needing a way to look virtuous and “woke,” just as so many white voters immersed themselves in the wishful thinking of Barack Obama for eight years in hope of some kind of absolution for being white, hetero, wealthy, normal and boring.

Such people are ripe customers for sentimental fiction that is, under all the noble sentiment, just about the money. Big corporations know it.


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