Ruthless: VA Councilman Blasts ‘Selfish’ Female Swim Team for Opposing Transgender Teammate

Image by Midjourney

“Train harder” and stop being so “selfish.”

That’s the message a Virginia city councilman gave to 10 Roanoke College’s female swim team members who objected to a biological man, masquerading as a woman, joining their women’s sport.

Where to start with this shameless statement made by Councilman Peter Volosin, who identifies as gay.

Let’s start with the absurd admonition to “train harder.”

Consider Mary Lou Retton, an Olympic gymnast in her prime. Envisioning her “training harder” to win a boxing match against the heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali seems almost whimsical.

Sure, even “The Greatest” might find it challenging to land a punch against the agile and world-renowned “America’s Gymnast.” However, the notion of Mary Lou artfully dodging blows and flipping off Ali’s face, regardless of her training intensity, strays far from credibility.

 “Train harder?” Let’s reflect on that.

Ponder the scenario of Lilia Vu, a female golfing champion. Can intensified training alone propel her to victory in the coveted Masters Championship?

The essence of competition isn’t merely participation or being a contender. It’s about clinching the win, securing the medal, hoisting the trophy, and adorning the ribbon.

The women’s swim team aspiration at Roanoke College goes beyond accolades, competitive experience, or yearbook features. Their eyes are set on the gold, and their training regimen has been meticulously crafted to secure that victory.

Competitive swimmers often plunge into rigorous training schedules between the ages of 10 and 12, dedicating up to 6 hours per day, 6 days per week. This grueling schedule encompasses drills, laps, strength training, core exercises, and flexibility workouts.

Upon entering college, the intensity amplifies. Swimmers typically immerse themselves in 8-10 hours of training daily, 6 days per week, while competing in multiple meets.

So, the question looms: Train harder? In what manner? And how?

For a woman to truly compete against a professional male swimmer, they need more than to “train harder.” They would need to become cyborgs.

Rather than burdening female swimmers to “train harder,” the spotlight should be on scientists, engineers, and doctors to develop cybernetic lungs, muscles, and high-density bones. Only then could they be on the same playing field as men.

A pony, despite its mightiest efforts and most rigorous training, will never morph into a horse.

But here’s the most ridiculous part of the “train harder” statement:

If training harder is the solution for these female swimmers, why did this transgender interloper leave his all-male swim team? Couldn’t he have just trained harder to become champ among men?

Of course, that leads into the second part of City Councilman Volosin’s preposterous statement that the female swimmers at Roanoke College are being “selfish.”

Here is what libs do best: Deflecting their actions or shortcomings onto others.

Just like Volosin saying, female swimmers only need to “train harder,” the same standard could apply to the transgender swimmer. It’s not the girls being “selfish,” but this meddler.

It’s worth reading Volosin’s entire statement:

“In some ways it’s a bit selfish, saying, ‘Oh, I should beat this person,’ or, ‘I should have gotten first place,’ or, ‘I should do this,’ or whatever. If you should do that, you should be training harder.

“Not being able to compete as your authentic self is really hard, it adds that extra burden and it makes it mentally draining.”

Bear with me while I do some parsing.

Volsin whines about how this transgender cannot be his “authentic self,” which is “mentally draining,” caused by the female swimmers being “a bit selfish.”

Who, in this peculiar scenario, is truly embodying selfishness?

It’s not the female swimmers. They did not infringe upon the men’s swim team. Conversely, this transgender infiltrated the all-female team explicitly intending to “beat this person” and secure “first place.”

Yet, Volosin does not label his actions as selfish.

If the transgender is permitted to seek his “authentic self” by competing as a female, why are the female swimmers not afforded the same privilege? Why must they contemplate becoming cyborgs, transcending their biological limitations, to have a fighting chance at winning a trophy?

Moreover, who is genuinely experiencing mental and emotional exhaustion?

The female swimmers have navigated through a tumultuous sea of emotions and actions: begging, pleading, and metaphorically prostrating themselves to request the transgender to exit the team.

They’ve penned letters, initiated petitions, held press conferences, and protested practices, only to be met with dismissal from their coach and athletic department.

Their fears that years of dedication, practice, and grueling days might be rendered futile are palpable. Amidst all this, they’ve been subjected to media chastisement, ridicule, and diminishment.

The mental drainage is undeniably profound!

Yet, as typical, the focus hasn’t been on the plight of the girls but on the hurt feelings of the transgender who selfishly started this maelstrom.

We know this strategy as “guilt-shaming.”

While one might hope to declare this overused and worn-out strategy as antiquated as using a slice of bread to erase pencil marks, it continues to be as notably successful as when first devised by the LGBT in the late 1960s.

Validate them, or they risk spiraling into a life marred by drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and depression, where meaningless sex and suicidal thoughts plague their existence.

The strategy works, surviving five decades ad nauseam now, because America is a country rooted in the Christian values of love thy neighbor, do not judge, and let those without sin be the first to throw a stone.

Christians are taught to love their enemies, do good to those who hate them, and live in peace with everyone.

So, guilt shaming is not only an enduring strategy of the Radical Rainbow Mafia but is virtually fail-proof in a nation that is constantly reminded – even by the mainstream media when it fits their agenda – of their biblical duties to their fellow man.

But as any student of the Bible knows, one’s duty to God is foremost. And that duty is to “warn the wicked person to turn from their ways,” (Ez. 33-9) and “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” (Ep. 5:11)

Hear me, Councilman Volosin: Loving thy neighbor isn’t a kindness to be shown to the LGBT alone. And weighing the decision whether to erase transgenders from female swim teams should be as easy as erasing an errant pencil mark, even if using a slice of bread.


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