Satanic Hexing of Men Hated by the Left Planned, Facebook Okays Posts

Satanic hexing of hated men like Judge Brett Kavanaugh are organized on Facebook (which welcomes the hatred and rage in keeping with their community standards.) "He will be the focal point, but by no means the only target, so bring your rage," states one invitation. God's people praying Psalm 35 can dispel this evil. (Facebook screenshot)

CNS News – Witches plan to place a public hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh through an occult ritual on Oct. 20 in New York City, an event sponsored by Catland Books, which describes itself as “Brooklyn’s premiere occult bookshop & spiritual community space.” The planned ritual has been advertised on Facebook.

“Please join us for a public hex on Brett Kavanaugh, upon all rapists and the patriarchy at large which emboldens, rewards and protects them,” reads the description for the event, “Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh.”

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