Saturday Smackdowns: Navy hires drag queen to attract ‘wide range’ of new recruits

The US Navy invited a drag queen, Harpy Daniels, to be its “Digital Ambassador”

Navy’s Priorities: Glitter Makeup Over Traditional Values

The military’s famous slogan, “Be all you can be” is morphing into something quite different these days.

It appears that the U.S. Navy decided to employ a Navy drag queen, Harpy Daniels, to attract new recruits.

Yes, you heard that right.

Non-binary Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley was selected as one of the first five Navy Digital Ambassadors in a pilot program that took place from October to March.

Now, we have to ask the glaring question: why on Earth is there a drag queen in the U.S. Navy? And who exactly are the potential recruits he’s supposed to draw in?

The Navy claims it’s all about increasing enlistment, meaning they’re grasping at straws, and their so-called brilliant idea is to use a drag queen to accomplish this.

It’s truly baffling to think that a group of Navy decision-makers sat around a table, brainstorming ways to address declining enlistment, and the best solution they could come up with was: Let’s employ a drag queen to boost our numbers.

Harpy Daniels, who serves in the Navy and identifies as non-binary, recently performed at a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion event at Langley Joint Air Force Base. According to Harpy, his performance caused an uproar among conservatives and Christian extremists.

Well, of course it did!

You’re a man dressed as an exaggerated caricature of a woman, engaging in a provocative act. If that doesn’t raise eyebrows and concern, then perhaps the issue lies not only with the drag queen but also with those who aren’t disturbed by it.

The primary goal of the Navy should be to recruit the most qualified and dedicated candidates for military service.

We need soldiers who are strong, disciplined, and committed to our nation’s traditional values – not someone skilled in applying glitter makeup and wearing high heels, uncertain of their gender identity, and performing on stage in front of our troops.

This situation is indicative of a broader trend: the promotion of so-called “inclusion and diversity” at the expense of long-standing values.

Our military should be focused on fostering discipline, honor, and patriotism – not promoting drag queens.

If that’s the direction we’re headed, then God help us when our military, filled with drag queens, is called upon to defend our domestic and international freedoms.

Coke takes a stand; refuses to ban products in anti-abortion states

What do Coca-Cola and abortion share in common?

The answer is nothing at all, and thankfully, Coca-Cola’s shareholders made sure to emphasize that when a left-leaning group attempted to persuade Coke to boycott sales of its products in pro-life states.

The group in question, As You Saw, champions so-called woke policies under the ESG banner – which stands for Environmental, Social & Governance.

Their proposal was resoundingly rejected by a staggering 87 percent of Coca-Cola’s controlling shareholders.

ESG policies aim to pressure companies into adopting stances on issues that may have absolutely no relevance to the organization’s actual business operations, such as Coca-Cola and abortion or Disney World and LGBTQ+ issues.

Numerous companies have faced criticism for their apparent political leanings in favor of left-wing social causes. Coca-Cola deserves recognition for its decision to abstain from engaging in political theatrics.

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Woke Lunacy Strikes Vermont School

Here we go again.

The latest example of woke lunacy comes straight from Vermont, specifically the Essex Westford School District in Essex Junction. The so-called educators there have made the baffling decision to stop referring to fifth graders as boys or girls.

A letter to the students’ families explains that it’s time for their science/health unit to focus on the human body, puberty, and the human reproductive system.

In an attempt to align the curriculum with their equity policy, the letter states, “teachers will be using gender-inclusive language throughout this unit. We will be using ‘person who produces sperm in place of boy, male, and assigned male at birth.’ We will be using ‘person who produces eggs in place of girl, female, and assigned female at birth.’”

Interestingly, Vermont’s state motto is “Freedom and Unity.” Yet, it seems the only freedom being granted is the freedom to conform to this increasingly absurd woke doctrine.

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California Teacher Sues Over Forced Gender Deception

In today’s world, it seems like there’s always another lawsuit targeting the so-called “progressive” policies that are causing chaos in our schools.

This time, a courageous teacher in California is pushing back against the left’s fixation with gender identity.

Elizabeth Mirabelli, a 25-year teaching veteran, is challenging school administrators who instructed her to deceive parents about their children’s gender identities.

Mirabelli bravely voiced her opposition to policies she believes teach both children and educators to lie to parents.

The lawsuit alleges that teachers were mandated to unquestioningly accept a child’s transgender or gender-diverse identity and keep it hidden from families. Moreover, teachers were expected to use students’ preferred names and pronouns in school but revert to their legal names and pronouns when speaking with parents.

But wait, it gets even more absurd. Teachers were told that a student’s mere “assertion is enough” to determine their gender identity and that failing to affirm it would amount to harassment.

The final straw for Mirabelli came when she sought a religious accommodation as a Christian to avoid lying to parents.

Despite weeks of negotiations with school administrators, her request was denied. Now, she’s taking her fight to the courts.

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Segregation Era Revisited: Medical Students Told to Split by Race?

Here’s a preposterous idea from medical “academics” that harkens back to the segregation era:

A group of these self-proclaimed academics has proposed segregating medical students by race. This suggestion was published in the formerly esteemed “New England Journal of Medicine.”

The authors contend that segregation would enable black students to express themselves without having to “care for the egos of white people” and worry about “white fragility.”

Thankfully, this absurd proposal has met with some resistance. A petition is circulating, demanding that the Journal apologize for its “morally abhorrent” recommendation. Critics also point out this segregation policy violates federal civil rights law.

According to these academics, black students studying alongside white peers can experience “retraumatization, resulting in imposter syndrome (a feeling of self-doubt and incompetence), heightened anxiety, and a reduced sense of belonging.”

Good grief! If that isn’t a prime example of fragility, I don’t know what is.

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