Saturday Smackdowns: Shocking Art Exhibit in Euro Parliament: Jesus Depicted in S&M Scene

Shocking art exhibit in Euro Parliament
Swedish artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin’s Ecce-Homo

Desperate for Attention, Swedish Artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin Stirs Controversy

The radical left is once again pushing the boundaries of decency and respect at the very heart of European politics.

They’ve brought their twisted agenda to the European Parliament, and it’s hard to fathom the depth of depravity they are displaying.

Swedish artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin – far too desperate for attention – has decided to defend an exhibit featuring a perverse depiction of Jesus Christ called Ecce-Homo.

This isn’t just any artwork.

This so-called “masterpiece” shows our beloved Son of God in a risqué sadomasochistic situation. The artist brazenly defends this sacrilege, saying it’s intended to promote “tolerance and dialogue.”

Really? Tolerance and dialogue?

Is that what the radical left calls offending millions of Christians worldwide?

Should this kind of art, which twists Jesus into a figurehead for gay activism, really be showcased in the European Parliament

Can you imagine if she depicted Mohammed with a gaggle of eccentric sexual enthusiasts in his embrace?

This is nothing more than an appalling attempt to undermine the foundations of Western civilization and mock the very faith that built it.

What’s the endgame here?

Elisabeth Wallin claims Jesus was the champion of the oppressed and would have supported LGBT rights.

Yet, unsurprisingly, she doesn’t back this absurd claim with any biblical scripture. 

Classic leftist thinking: “I said it, so it must be true. Here’s a painting, movie or song to prove it!”

You’d think their egos would deflate at some point, but no such luck.

Remember Wonder Woman from 1941 All-Star Comics?

She was a demigod with superhuman strength and martial arts skills. The point being is that Wonder Woman was not a human but a demigod.

Nowadays, though, we see pint-sized fully-human female characters quickly taking down men twice their size in movies and TV shows. It’s almost comical!

Though not intended to be humorous, it can sometimes be laughable watching movies or television shows where petite female cops easily conquer men twice their height and weight.

But we know the endgame, right?

Convincing us that women are just as equal, if not superior, in strength, agility, and power as men. Because, hey, if you saw it in a movie or a piece of art, it’s got to be true, right? Who needs science or the Bible?

And for Elisabeth Wallin, the Bible also takes a backseat.

She paints a heartwarming scene of Jesus welcoming some kinky LGBT folks into His loving arms, so clearly, He’s their savior from those mean-spirited haters. So, it must be true.

In Wallin’s world, she thinks her picture is worth a thousand words and more biblical than the Bible itself, a Holy Book with 790,000 words that would refute every stroke of her nonsensical “artistic” vision.

Target is getting the ‘Bud Light treatment’ 

Target, our beloved one-stop shop for everything from socks to sofas, has found itself in a sticky wicket. 

It’s getting the ‘Bud Light treatment,’ meaning Target has become the ‘target’ of a boycott. 

The group leading the charge? Gays Against Groomers. 

And no, they’re not an offshoot of PETA. They’re a gay group accusing Target of gay grooming. They claim the new kids’ collection is “highly inappropriate and disturbing.”

Now, just to give you a sense of what’s stirring up all this controversy, the children’s Pride collection includes rainbow-striped tutus and “Live Laugh Lesbian” t-shirts, among other items. 

I mean, who knew tutus could cause such a kerfuffle?

Look, we all know corporations often need to remember their primary role is to sell us things, not to step in as our stand-in parents or morality tutors.

It’s like they’re trying to earn a gold star in ‘Wokeism 101’. But instead of a star, they’re getting a boycott.

Earlier this year, Target was already moaning about “dull profits.” 

Now, they’ve stepped on this landmine. It’s like watching someone trip on their own shoelaces. 

I guess the only question left is, will Target land on a cozy pile of rainbow tutus, or is it in for a harder fall?

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Students erupt over teacher refusing to use incorrect pronouns

A brave school teacher in Kansas City is standing up against the woke indoctrination plaguing America’s schools. 

For the last 15 years, English instructor Caedran Sullivan has taught at Shawnee Mission North High School.

But now, it seems, she’s had enough of the district’s diversity, equity, and inclusion policies. 

You see, these policies demand that teachers use their students’ preferred pronouns, even if they are as inaccurate as a weather forecast.

When Sullivan decided to stick with grammatical correctness over woke correctness, the accusations started flying faster than spitballs in a classroom. 

Bias! Racism! 

If these kids were as quick with their homework as they were with these accusations, we’d have a nation of Einsteins.

The response was a student walkout – I guess anything’s better than double maths, right? 

But don’t worry, Sullivan isn’t standing alone. Former teachers and other groups have rallied to support her, holding counter-protests.

Maybe it’s time the school district held a mandatory lesson on the First Amendment. You know, the one that ensures we don’t have to check our constitutional rights at the door like a coat at a fancy restaurant.

It’s refreshing to see someone like Sullivan stand up for what she believes in. It’s like a scene straight out of a movie – ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ meets ‘Rocky,’ anyone?

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Oregon parents outraged over internet porn lessons for 10th Graders

Parents in Oregon are outraged after a high school health lesson exposed 10th-grade students to sexually explicit language about internet pornography. 

The presentation included slides with sexually explicit terms such as “p—y licking,” “big d–k,” and “big ass.” Other slides discuss “revenge porn,” as well as the topic of child-like porn, using terms like “teen, “barely legal” and “Daddy’s Little Girl.”

We could go on, but you get the idea. 

The co-founder of the Oregon Moms Union described the content as “really explicit” and said it would “make many grown-ups blush.”

Despite the outcry, the school district defended the slideshow as “age-appropriate instruction.” 

The fact that this lesson is mandatory under Oregon state law is mind-boggling. Parents, however, are not backing down and are demanding an end to porn lessons in the schools.

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Oklahoma Governor Puts PBS in Timeout

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is throwing some serious shade at PBS, vetoing its funding.

Stitt has a bone to pick with the public broadcaster, alleging that it’s become more ‘Queer Eye’ than ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood’ with its LGBTQ-themed content.

Among the governor’s gripes are drag queens reading bedtime stories and LGBTQ characters popping up in a variety of shows.

The governor has declared this content “over-sexualized” and an “indoctrination” of Oklahoma’s children. 

“This just doesn’t line up with Oklahoma values,” Stitt stated.

And let’s not forget the classic argument: “Taxpayers shouldn’t have to fund this!” 

Unless the veto is overturned, it seems PBS is about to get canceled faster than a sitcom with bad ratings. So, it might be time to say “so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night” to PBS in Oklahoma. 

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