Scammers Target Churches by Impersonating Ministers

Authorities in Texas warn a scam could go national in which fraudsters using information gathered on church congregations and members text or email, impersonating the church pastor, and they claim he is raising money for a charitable cause. (Facebook photo)

The Christian Post – Scams in which local pastors are impersonated in order to trick their congregants out of hundreds of dollars has permeated communities across the nation.

Scammers impersonating trusted pastors have fooled a number of victims nationwide. As churches are speaking out about the trend, one state government is warning that the scammers may be using information available on church websites to get a leg up on tricking faithful churchgoers.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a consumer alert on Friday regarding persons who allege to be pastors and priests who text or email members of various churches asking them to buy gift cards that will benefit a charitable cause.

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