School investigates after Muslims told not to pray in computer lab

One can only imagine the uproar if two Christians had been conducting a prayer ritual, out loud, in a university computer lab.

As it turned out, it was two Muslim men who decided the lab was a good place to pray, and now Metro State University of Denver, Colo. announced Tuesday it’s investigating a “verbal altercation” between an unidentified African-American woman and the Muslim students after video of the incident surfaced online, the Denver Post reports.

The video contains explicit language from the women, and it is clear that the men’s prayers were loud enough to be a distraction in an area presumably designated for work and study.

According to tweets from the organization Documenting Oppression Against Muslims and a person who said he was there, the two Muslim men were praying in the MSU Denver computer lab when a woman told them to pray elsewhere, began playing music and told the men to “(expletive) your religion.”

A person who identified himself as one of the Muslim men tweeted that they come to the computer lab to pray every Monday and Wednesday night and have never had an issue with their peculiar choice in worship locations.

“They’re very respectful and we keep it as quiet as possible,” he tweeted.

Further details about the incident weren’t immediately available.

The university responded on Twitter, saying it is investigating the situation and trying to determine the student’s “potential affiliation” with the university and the local campus.

“MSU Denver takes its commitment to diversity very seriously and places a high value on cultivating and sustaining a respectful and inclusive campus community,” the university said in a tweet.


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