School principal who was fired after criticizing BLM will get her day in court

Mount Ascutney School District Board

A Vermont school principal who was fired over a mild Facebook post – in which she actually voiced support for Black Lives Matter – is pursuing a lawsuit and could get into court early next year, reports Vermont’s Valley News.

The nearly one-year legal battle is between the Mount Ascutney School District Board and former Windsor School principal Tiffany Riley, fired last year over a Facebook post deemed critical of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Attorneys for Riley and her former employer agreed to share all evidence with each other by Dec. 15, including Riley’s employment records; communication with the public and media about the case; and any history the school has with investigating and terminating employees, according to a scheduling order.

Riley and attorney Bill Meub sued the School District board last summer, accusing them of firing her unjustly and violating her right to free speech.

Riley’s personal Facebook post actually supported BLM. “I firmly believe Black Lives Matter, but I DO NOT agree with coercive measures taken to get this point across; some of which are falsified in an attempt to prove a point,” she wrote.

She also stated that “While I want to get behind BLM, I do not think people should be made to feel they have to choose black race over human race.”


The board placed Riley on paid administrative leave in June 2020 over the post, and voted to terminate her July 27 pending a hearing.

The hearing was held in September and the board issued a written decision Oct. 14, officially firing her from her $113,000-per-year position and ending her paid administrative leave.

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