Schools Turn to Classroom Cameras as the Nation Grapples with Safety and Transparency

Illustration by Midjourney

In a bid to enhance safety and foster transparency in schools, districts across the United States are adopting measures to install cameras in classrooms, reports Katie Spence for Epoch Times.

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In Texas, the Houston Independent School District is spearheading a transformative approach to classroom management.

Superintendent Mike Lee revealed to Houston Public Media that classrooms are now equipped with round-the-clock webcams, facilitating real-time student monitoring.

“If a kid is disruptive, we pull that student out of class. We put them in what we call a team center, and they’re being monitored by a learning coach, and they Zoom right back into the class they get pulled from,” Lee explained.

This strategy is not confined to Houston. Effingham County in Georgia has also embraced this technology, investing about $2 million in Kloud-12 cameras to help curb the rising incidents of crime and bullying in schools.

These cameras, which provide a 360-degree view of the classroom, have been installed in high schools and middle schools, with plans to extend to elementary schools in the coming spring.

Effingham County Superintendent Yancy Ford affirmed the effectiveness of this initiative, stating that the cameras have already proven to be a valuable tool in addressing issues such as bullying.

“I will say we’ve had a couple of situations where we have been called upon to use it, and it’s worked,” Ford told WJCL.

The K–12 School Shooting Database has recorded a staggering 305 school shooting incidents in 2022, a notable rise from 250 incidents in 2021.

The year 2023 has already witnessed 231 incidents, underscoring the urgent need for measures to enhance school safety.

Lawmakers are also joining the conversation, advocating for the installation of cameras in classrooms to foster parental involvement and hold teachers accountable.

However, the initiative has met with resistance, with critics citing privacy invasion as a significant concern and arguing that constant surveillance creates a culture of fear and paranoia, undermining the trust and respect accorded to educators.

Despite the controversy, proponents maintain that cameras can be a potent tool in combating bullying and fostering a safe learning environment.


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