Scouts Run By Imams Segregate Girls, Teach Hijab, Islam Over Nation

Coming to a neighborhood near you: Scout groups run by Islamic Imams like Shakeel Begg who segregates girls and teaches obedience to hijab rules even as the scout association persists to suppress any and all expression of Christian or humanist values in scout groups not sponsored by a mosque. (Telegraph photo)

The Telegraph – A scout group run from a mosque is being investigated by police after a Telegraph report linked it to an Islamic extremist and a man associated with Holocaust denial.

The Scout Association raised the alarm after the Telegraph found the Lewisham Islamic Center was segregating groups by gender, despite the Scout’s own commitment to mixed-sex groups.

The investigation also found that girls as young as five in the group were encouraged to record videos advocating wearing the hijab, which is contrary to the Scouts own commitment to British Values.

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